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JulieJuliet Fleischer - Head Preschool Teacher/Administrator

Juliet Fleischer is the owner/administrator of MVM which has served Mount Washington Valley since 1995. She began teaching at the junior high level in a public school in Melbourne, Florida and was drawn to Montessori education when she had children of her own. Juliet holds early childhood and elementary teaching credentials from the American Montessori Association and is nationally certified to teach children aged 3 to 12. She presents professional development workshops for early childhood educators in both Montessori and traditional settings and has designed Montessori-based lessons for science and history which have been shared with and adapted by other Montessori schools in NH. Through her work on the boards of the NH Montessori Association, Robert Frost Charter School and the MWV Children’s Museum, she has shared her passion for Montessori teaching and learning with the greater community.

MelissaMelissa - Toddler/Preschool Directress

Melissa Jerome has been with MVM since 2005 as a head teacher every year but the first. She has a BS degree in Therapeutic Recreation Science and certification from the American Montessori Society in Early Childhood Education. Although a NH native, she lived in Utah for 3 years after college where she worked as a head teacher at a Montessori school in Park City. Although she is a mother of two, she still enjoys hiking, biking and skiing with her husband when she can. Her lovely classroom is academically stimulating with a calm and gentle social atmosphere.



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Sher Loomis - Enrichment Specialist

Sher Loomis joined the MVM staff in 2009 as the Enrichment Specialist. She has a B.A. degree in Elementary Education with a Minor in Early Childhood Education and she is also a certified Reiki Master/Teacher. Butterfly Pathways Enrichment Programs are Sher's original design based on her experiences from over 30 years in the education field and 9 years as a Healing Arts Facilitator. By participating in Montessori based peace workshops and various artistic semianrs, she keeps all her programs fresh, fun and magical! Sher has created a Spirit of Peace program and classroom that reflect her goals of nuturing and inspiring the whole child... body, heart, mind and spirit! She enjoys also exploring the beauty of nature with her husband and curling up cozy with her kitty.