Yellow Flower


Thanks so much for a wonderful year. Alexander thoroughly enjoyed himself and learned so much. We are all looking forward to another great year.

Fred and Cheryl

Connor has prospered so much under your care. Thank you for your love of learning and gentle guidance.

Cheryl & Vincent Furtado

Thank you for all you've done for & with Laura this year. She has made some tremendous advances this year. You all have helped her develop a firm foundation and we thank you for that.

Erika & Fred Blocher

What Parents are saying ...

Words cannot express our apprection and gratitude for the the tremendous job you have done in educating our kids. You have worked so hard.

Thanks for everything!
Tim and Melissa Douglass

Everyone who meets any of my wonderful children know that your program has been a big part in shaping them as the bright, inquisitive, social wonderkids that they are.

Ian Lane 

Paul and I couldn't be happier with the preschool experience Nicholas is getting! Thank you for making it such a memorable and rewarding part of his life and ours.
Thank you, thank you, you have given Bryce the power and excitement of learning. What a gift. Bryce, in your guidance, is embracing each endeavor. We feel that Mountain View Montessori is a wonderful opportunity for Bryce, as well as us.

Thank you,
Lobin Frizzell

Thank you so much for the wonderful pre-school experience. We have loved what Mountain View Montessori has given to Carter and Duncan - it was the perfect school for them. We have all enjoyed it so much!

Maria Martin and Gary Allen

Thank you for your discipline and desire to run the best preschool possible throughout the year. I contintue to be impressed by the Montessori method and the way that you were true to Maria Montessori's vision for the education of children. Oliver has blossomed this past year; he is curious and respectful of the world around him, and in great part I owe this to you, Ms. Pilzer and Ms. Cotter. Thank you for caring for my son.

Yours truly,
Jennifer Larson